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What is the one area of your business that you use the most to connect with others digitally? Most likely it is email. Many businesses have websites, but it’s much more likely that you reach a greater number of people with emails. The importance of having a quality email signature should be obvious by answering the following question. What is one of the first things you do each morning? Check email.

I have been using WiseStamp for over a year now and absolutely love it. I have it integrated into my Firefox browser and use Gmail as my email client. Any time I compose a new email or reply to an email, my WiseStamp signature gets placed automatically. I have a nice image of my logo that links to my website, as well as buttons linking to my blog, twitter, and facebook pages, and just recently added an option that pastes my most recent tweets. WiseStamp makes it easy to add social media links which makes generating conversations with current and future customers incredibly easy.

WiseStamp currently works with Firefox and Chrome browsers.

Here’s what my email signature currently looks like:

email signature

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